About us

We are Kindly. We are food for the thoughtful, Brighton’s beloved responsible supermarket run by a team who truly care about protecting our planet. And we have now launched Sussex’s biggest online vegan supermarket!  


 Kindly is a vegan, cruelty-free, organic, local and fairtrade supermarket offering carbon-neutral deliveries… now those might just sound like buzz words, but combined, those buzz words make us the most responsible place to do your weekly shop.


Our core values are simple. We are a GENUINE independent venture who really practice what we preach. Our business model is totally DIFFERENT to conventional supermarkets because we put the planet before profit. We are a THOUGHTFUL supermarket for thoughtful shoppers. Our team of EXPERTS curate their favourite foods & produce - we put in the hard work of finding the right products for you to enjoy.

Genuinely different, thoughtful experts. 


Our bricks-and-mortar store opened in 2019 in Seven Dials, Brighton. Our founder, Shiv, was driven to start a venture that puts some good back into the world. Aware that veganism is the simple biggest way to reduce your impact on the Earth, Shiv understood that the only way to truly invest in his own and his family's future, was to flip the supermarket model on it’s head and put planet before profits.


 We are a supermarket not just a ‘vegan shop’ - why should responsible shoppers (like you 👀) have to go to multiple locations to get everything you need? You can do your whole shop at Kindly. We sell everything you can find in a regular supermarket - fruit & veg, bakery, meat and dairy alternatives, household products and more.


Our close knit team has grown strong and resilient from the obstacles thrown at us over the past few years during the pandemic and we provide a calm, relaxing space in Brighton - somewhere you can step away from the hustle and bustle to do your shopping in peace.  


 In 2022 we decided to break down the barrier between online and real world and launch the ULTIMATE one-stop online destination for all your vegan, planet-friendly shopping. You can shop everything at our online supermarket, from fruit & veg and fresh produce to household, health and beauty products. With fast delivery to your doorstep across Brighton and Sussex there’s never been a better time to shop vegan!