Earn Kindly Tokens, Get Rewards!



Every time you spend a little, you earn a little. Kindly Tokens allows us to give something back to our valued customers.

For every £1 you spend we will give you 1 Kindly Token. We will change these Tokens into vouchers that you can use when shopping with us.

Just for joining we automatically give you 100 Kindly Tokens (£2.50) as a little thank you to help start you off.

You can also earn Tokens as follows:

  • Automatically get 200 Tokens on your birthday
  • Follow us on Instagram for 50 Tokens
  • Follow us on Facebook for 50 Tokens
  • Share us on Facebook for 50 Tokens


You’ll also be the first to find out about our exclusive promotions, member-only deals, product launches and special activities relevant to your Kindly account.