Arrowtown Lime & Elderflower Hard Seltzer 330ml

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Arrowtown Lime & Elderflower

A zesty lime punch with a subtle floral finish that’s guaranteed to leave you feeling light and refreshed. With fresh sparkling water, fruit-based alcohol and natural flavourings, the lime soda just got a serious upgrade. With every can purchased, you support Sea Shepherd’s marine conservation mission. 5% ABV Low in sugar, big on flavour Nothing artificial No sweeteners or preservatives Vegan and gluten-free Carbon neutral
Carbonated water, Fermented apple wine base, British beet sugar, Natural fruit flavourings, Citric acid
Nutritional Info.:
Flavour: Lime/Elderflower ABV: 5% Can Size: 330ml Gluten Free: Yes Vegan: Yes Calories Per Can: 122 Alcohol Base: Fruit Wine