Gordon Rhodes Vegan Chilli Sauce Mix 75g

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Gordon Rhodes Chilli Sauce Mix 75g

Gordon Rhodes 75g Chilled Out Chilli Con Carne Sauce Mix Gordon Rhodes' richly spiced Mexican style Chilli Con Carne Gourmet Sauce Mix with crushed Chilli Seeds to create delicious meals the whole family will enjoy. Serve with rice and a dollop of sour cream or be a little bit more adventurous and serve with Gordon's spicy Cajun wedges. Gordon's Chilled Out Chilli Con Carne Gourmet Sauce Mix is ideal for use in a slow cooker for a fuller flavour, or you can use as quick pan prep
Nutritional Info.:
Energy 309.0g, Protein 10.7g, Carbohydrate 66.3g, Sugars 33.8g, Fat 2.20g, Saturated Fat 0.40g, Fibre 9.1g, Sodium 8.2g,