I Am Nut OK Black Pepper Cheese Log 120g

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Formerly known as PepAHHH, Crack On has had a little name change, and is now in log form! This one's for the pepper lovers: black pepper encrusted, fresh not cheese log, boasting warm spiciness and the smoothest texture. Savour every bite!

Smorl's is a family-run business, obsessed with one thing: houmous. They create small batch artisan handcrafted houmous based on traditional Middle Eastern recipes, with an added dollop of Brighton flair. They only use the highest quality ingredients that they can source, including locally-made tahini and organic chickpeas, and flavour is sealed in with olive oil. The result? The best houmous you'll ever eat.

Some like it hot. This one takes our classic houmous recipe and throws a few fresh chillis into the mix. Guaranteed to spice up your life faster than a Spice Girls reunion gig at a sriracha factory.

A Mexican feast, complete with nachos for dunking.