Mister Freed Mango & Chilli Tortilla Chips 135g

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Purely Plantain Chips are kettle cooked, using only locally sourced plantain, grown in the rich dark soils of Ecuador. Just 3 Ingredients Perfect to share with friends or to fuel an active lifestyle, made with natural ingredients. Purely Plantain Chips capture the taste of Latin America and the unspoilt islands of the Pacific Ocean. A savoury relative of the banana family, our plantain chips are vegan, gluten-free and contain no palm oil. So, banish boring and enjoy an exciting delicious, snack. No preservatives, no additives - just purely, plantain chips. Sunbaked Plantain Snack, Low in Sugar, High in Fibre & Potassium, Gluten free, Dairy free & Kosher, No palm oil, Vegan friendly
Ingredients Plantains (84%), Sunflower Oil (14%), Sea Salt (2%)
Nutritional Info.: