Rude Health Low Sugar Granola 400g

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A heartfelt addition to your day! Carrot for breakfast, a hint of cinnamon and the occasional dried apple make for a distinct and lovely taste sensation note to this well rounded cereal. A touch of sweetness from the carrot, agave syrup and coconut sugar which is all lightly baked with Organic British oats to ensure a delicious and lovingly made start to your day.
gluten free oats, tiger nuts, coconut sugar, agave syrup, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, carrot concentrate, linseeds, chia seeds, apple, cinnamon
Nutritional Info.:
Typical Values per serving* per 100g Energy 761 kJ 1904 kJ 182 kcal 454 kcal Fat 7.3g 18g of which saturates 0.8g 1.9g Carbohydrate 23g 58g of which sugars 2.0g 4.9g Fibre 3.1g 7.8g Protein 4.3g 11g Salt 0.08g 0.20g *40g Low Sugar Granola 10 servings per pack