Stellar Organics Vegan Sauvignon Blanc White Wine 75cl

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Stellar Organics Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

It can be hard to know exactly whether your wine is vegan or not. Egg white gelatine and milk protein can all be used in the winemaking process and with unclear labels a walk down the wine aisle can be a confusing experience. The Proudly Vegan range is clear in its complete lack of animal products right down to the ink and glue on the labels making it accessible to all. Registered by the Vegan Society the range includes a Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc from Chile's Central Valley. What's more these wines are seriously tasty and perfect for pairing with a huge variety of delicious vegan dishes . A zesty and refreshing wine with tropical hints of passion fruit gooseberry and lime this mouth-watering wine loves risotto with peas and recipes with flavours of lemon garlic coriander and ginger. It is even delicious when served alongside notoriously tricky flavours for wine pairings such as asparagus.
*Grapes, sulphur dioxide, tartaric acid, potassium bitartarate, yeast, enzyme, diamonium phosphate, bentonite. abv 12.5%
Nutritional Info.: