Toothbuckle Toothbrush set - Yellow

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The Iconic Collection of toothbrush covers and bamboo toothbrushes offers true protection.

Airborne germs, toilet spray and cross-contamination are now things of the past! This secure Toothbuckle cover locks around your entire toothbrush and its ventilated design allows it to dry between brushes.

Plus, it has natural silver and antibacterial protection to keep you safe.

Experience feel-good, silky smooth luxury.

Get your very own sustainable toothbrush cover today!

The Iconic Collection from Toothbuckle combines vegan sustainable toothbrush covers and bamboo toothbrush sets to provide ultimate hygiene protection. The silicone covers securely fasten onto your toothbrush, keeping it protected from cross-contamination and airborne germs. The ventilated design allows your toothbrush to dry out in-between brushing, and the natural silver offers additional antibacterial protection. Experience a feel-good, silky-smooth finish and never worry about germs again!
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