Barnabys Red Sauerkraut 260g

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Hello lovely people. It’s me, Barnaby. The guy who makes your sauerkraut. My story stems from a love of fermentation and its incredible ability to preserve and extend food longevity. In times of old before refrigeration, it was common place to naturally alter the chemistry of our food and drink for safe storage. This would ensure nutrient rich food was available throughout winter, when some crops were scarce. I am fascinated by all things fermented and how ‘good’ bacteria can be harbored during this process, helping us to gain maximum health benefits from the food that we consume. Not to mention that through fermentation, food can develop a whole new dimension of incredible flavour.
Napa cabbage, Daikon radish, Chilli powder, Ginger, Onion, Garlic, Himalayan Salt.
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