Everfresh Carrot & Raisin Cake with Sprouted Grain 350g

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Carrot & Raisin Cake with Sprouted Grain

Carrot cake is a delicious and flavourful cake made with grated carrots. The grated carrots give the cake a lovely orange colour, moistness, sweetness, and a bit of chewiness. Carrot cake is said to have originated in Europe during the middle ages when sugar was in short supply and carrots or beets were used instead since they were naturally sweet. In India, depending on which part of the country you are in, you get different kinds of carrots. In Northern India, you get lovely purple carrots. We being in Mumbai, get the regular orange carrots throughout the year (you know the hybrid engineered variety that we often refer to as English carrots) and the red moist carrots at wintertime. And these local Asian red moist carrots are the ones we use for gajar halwa and even for carrot cake. Carrots have a lot of health benefits, which technically makes this cake a lot healthier than your regular cakes. And even if it being healthier turns out to be just an excuse, does it really matter? Homemade carrot cakes are delicious!
To make carrot cake, you will require fresh red carrots, butter, sugar, maida or all-purpose flour, sojee or semolina, eggs, ginger powder, cinnamon powder, baking powder, salt, and raisins.
Nutritional Info.: